NAMS Fellows

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Election as Fellow shall be in recognition of both “service to NAMS” and “highly significant professional accomplishment in the membrane field”. A nominee for election of NAMS Fellow should have demonstrated long term excellence in membrane engineering and practice and been a contributing member of NAMS for at least 10 years.

The selection process has the following steps. 

1) A panel of application reviewers is recruited by the Fellows Committee Chair to become ad hoc members of the Committee.

2) The Committee conducts an initial review of each application to ensure that the applicant meets the nominal requirements for “service to NAMS” and  “highly significant professional accomplishment in the membrane field”. A rubric for these gradings follow. A minimum grade of 3 in each category is required to move forward in the review process.

NAMS Service

1 = shows up at meetings

2 = presents or chairs sessions

3 = volunteers for meeting roles and standing committees

4 = NAMS BOD member, Meeting co-chair, or workshop presenter

5 = sustained service over many years, with both leadership and service roles

Professional Accomplishment in Membrane Field

1 = has publications and/or patents

2 = a few highly cited and pertinant contributions

3 = well known and invited lecturer (or accomplished industrial achievements)

4 = world class & frequent internationally invited lecturer

5 = award winning and world class

3) The Committee performs final in-depth review of remaining applicants and ranks them.

4) The Committee Chair reports the final rankings to the NAMS Board of Directors, which considers any further ancillary factors and chooses the new Fellows.

Nominator must be a NAMS Member. Current Board members cannot nominate fellows or be named fellows. Two to four Fellow recognitions per year is expected.

Nomination deadline is October 15.

Nomination package containing the nomination form, CV, and supporting letters should be sent as one pdf file to the Fellow Selection Committee Chair, John Pellegrino ( Please put “YYYY NAMS Fellow nomination” as the Subject (with YYYY as the year) and name the file…”YYYY_NAMS_Fellow_xxxxxxx” where xxxxxx is the nominee’s last name. All nominees will be informed of the Board’s decisions by January 31.

Dr. Ruth Baltus

2021 Fellow

Dr. Hans Wijmans

2021 Fellow

Dr. Alan R. Greenberg

2021 Fellow

Dr. Edgar (Ed) S. Sanders, Jr.

2020 Fellow

Dr. Jerry Y.S. Lin

2020 Fellow

Ingo Pinnau

2020 Fellow

Dibakar (DB) Bhattacharyya

2019 Fellow

Anthony (Tony) Allegrezza

2019 Fellow

Dr. Richard Noble

2018 Fellow

Dr. Don Stookey

2018 Fellow

Dr. Benny Freeman

2017 Fellow

Dr. Kamalesh K. Sirkar

2017 Fellow

Dr. Richard W. Baker

2016 Inaugural Fellow

Dr. Georges Belfort

2016 Inaugural Fellow

Professor William J. Koros

2016 Inaugural Fellow

Dr. Norman N. Li

2016 Inaugural Fellow

Professor Donald R. Paul

2016 Inaugural Fellow