NAMS Young Membrane
Scientist Awards

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The NAMS Young Membrane Scientist Awards will be presented annually to outstanding individuals who are starting their professional careers in membrane science and technology. This award is open to all Membrane Scientists within 5 years after completion of the PhD degree including post docs, faculty and industrial positions who have not received a NAMS Young Membrane Scientist award previously.

For 2021, three NAMS Young Membrane Scientist Awards will be awarded.  Recipients will give an oral presentation during a special award session at the 2021 Annual Meeting.  The awards will consist of a $500 award to the recipient, free registration to the 2021 NAMS Meeting, a free one-year membership in NAMS, a hotel room for the duration of the meeting at the conference hotel, and a commemorative plaque.

Application materials (submitted as one electronic PDF file)

The following items must be submitted as a single PDF file or the application will be rejected:

  • two-page resume describing the applicant’s education (including undergraduate and graduate GPA, publications, and research experience),
  • the title and abstract of applicant’s oral presentation for the upcoming NAMS meeting,
  • two-page description of the relevance of the applicant’s research for membrane science and technology and the applicant's research plans for the future,
  • nomination letter by a current member of NAMS; each NAMS member may provide only one nomination letter for the NAMS Young Membrane Scientist Award.

Application deadlines and review

Application packages must be received by January 8, 2021 per e-mail to Caleb Funk, Applications will be reviewed by the NAMS Awards Committee. Award decisions will be made as soon as possible and before the deadline for abstract submission for the 2021 NAMS Meeting.

All Awards Committee votes will be independently tallied by the Tellers Committee. If one or more Tellers Committee members also are Awards Committee members, all such members will be replaced by Board appointees for the purpose of validating the results of award voting only.