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NAMS Fellows

Election as Fellow shall be in recognition of both “service to NAMS” and “highly significant professional accomplishment in the membrane field”. A nominee for election of NAMS Fellow should have demonstrated long term excellence in membrane engineering and practice and been a member of NAMS for at least 10 years. Nominator must be a NAMS Member. Current Board members cannot nominate fellows or be named fellows. A maximum of two Fellow recognitions per year is expected.

Nomination deadline is October 15.

Nomination package containing the nomination form, CV, and supporting letters should be sent as one pdf file to the Fellow Selection Committee Chair, Andrew Zydney ( All nominees will be informed of the Board’s decisions by January 31.

Nomination Form

2018 Fellow - Dr. Richard Noble

Richard Noble

Dr. Richard D. Noble is the Alfred T. and Betty E. Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is an internationally recognized leader in the use of novel membrane and thin-film materials, including zeolites, ionic liquids and liquid crystals, for chemical separations. He currently has 82 patents/patent applications, more than 340 research publications, (15,000 citations, h index = 71) and 14 textbooks and monographs.

2018 Fellow - Dr. Don Stookey

Don Stookey

Dr. Donald Stookey is a membrane pioneer and made key contributions to most of the gas separation membrane applications in current practice. He led the Monsanto team that designed and now produces the Prism® hollow fiber membranes. Air Products acquired and added the Prism Membrane business to their equipment offerings in 1991, while Don’s team refocused on applications outside the industrial gas market and have now taken membrane devices onboard ships, offshore platforms, aircraft, automotive, and into the OEM markets. Ever the champion for membranes, Don contributes a column on membrane news in the NAMS Membrane Quarterly, mentors membrane students, and continues to consult with membrane related entities globally.

2017 Fellow - Dr. Benny Freeman

Benny Freeman

Professor Benny Freeman, Richard B. Curran Centennial Chair in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas, is a world leader in the field of polymer-based membrane materials and separations. He has made seminal contributions to the advancement of high performance polymers and polymer-based materials for gas and liquid separations and other industrial applications. He has authored or co-authored nearly 400 papers and has 11 issued patents and 12 patent applications.

2017 Fellow - Dr. Kamalesh K. Sirkar

Kam Sirkar

Professor Kamalesh K. Sirkar, Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, has been an innovative leader in membrane technologies such as membrane contactors, membrane distillation, membrane reactors, hollow fiber membrane crystallization, and pioneering approaches to gas separation, organic solvent nanofiltration and bioseparations. He has published close to 200 articles in international peer-reviewed journals and has been cited over 10,000 times.

2016 Inaugural Fellow - Dr. Richard W. Baker

Richard W. Baker

Dr. Baker is the founder and President of Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. (MTR). His career in membrane science and technology has spanned 35 years, with contributions in gas separation, pervapora-tion, and controlled drug release. He has written two highly regarded monographs, Controlled Release of Biologically Active Agents (1987) and Membrane Technology and Applications (2000); edited two other books; co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications; and was inventor/co-inventor on 100 patents.

2016 Inaugural Fellow - Dr. Georges Belfort

Georges Belfort

Professor Belfort is known as a pioneer and leader in the understanding and application of membranes. He has the unusual ability to analyze the theoretical basis of key phenomena and to tackle complex experimental problems. He has made incredible contributions in membrane processes such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, micro-filtration, membrane reactors, and membrane chromatography to fundamentals including membrane transport, concentration polarization, fluid dynamics, fouling, surface modification, and protein-surface interactions.

2016 Inaugural Fellow - Professor William J. Koros

William J. Koros

Professor Koros helped develop the fundamental theoretical framework forming the basis of our modern understanding of small molecule transport in polymers. He made highly regarded fundamental contributions to materials science design concepts that are widely used in industry today for making gas separation membranes. His intellectual leadership extends beyond polymer membranes to include pioneering studies of hybrid organic/inorganic materials (mixed matrix membranes) for gas separations.

2016 Inaugural Fellow - Dr. Norman N. Li

Norman N. Li

Dr. Li founded NL Chemical Technology, Inc. in 1995 to develop advanced reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes for water purification and desalination. He is the author of 45 U.S. patents, 20 edited books, and 100+ technical papers. The ICOM 1990 meeting he organized was so successful it generated funding that currently supports NAMS' numerous award programs. All of the students who receive travel support to NAMS meetings are beneficiaries of Dr. Li's efforts.

2016 Inaugural Fellow - Professor Donald R. Paul

Donald R. Paul

Professor Paul’s contributions to wet spinning and transport mechanisms led to the development of hollow fiber asymmetric membranes for reverse osmosis, pervaporation, and gas separations. He is responsible for discoveries leading to the Prism® concept, which led to the first commercial gas separation membranes. His continued collaboration with industry has helped to translate the discoveries made in his lab into commercial products for liquid and gas separations. He has published over 700 papers, many relating to membranes.

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