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Call for Annual Meeting Proposals


The NAMS Board of Directors are soliciting letters of interest (LOI) from our community, that is, individuals (or teams) drawn from academia, research institutes, and or industry, who would like to organize a NAMS Annual meeting. The 2021 NAMS Annual Meeting is the most immediate one in need of organizers. (It should be noted that the 2020 NAMS Annual Meeting was awarded, and will be held in Tempe, AZ). We are also encouraging LOIs at this time for future meetings beyond 2021 as prospective organizers' so choose.

A LOI, at a minimum, should contain the following information:

  • Chair and co-chairs with nominal responsibilities
  • Prior experience organizing meetings
  • Anticipated supporting staff available
  • Dates (usually early to late May)
  • Location and venue and facilities (targeted to 300-500 attendees, and 4 parallel sessions)
  • Technical programming (highlights and any special sessions, plenary invitees, and topics already in mind)
  • Social program (receptions and banquets, especially anything unusual, like boats)
  • Potential sponsors and cooperating organizations
  • Preliminary budget planning

    Note, successful LOIs will have made first contact with the likely venue (and local chamber of commerce) and obtained an estimate from their facility/meeting planning team. In addition, proposers are encouraged to contact past or present board members/annual meeting organizers to assist them in their planning. An Annual Meeting Planning Guide is available from the NAMS Office upon request.

    The NAMS Board will consider all LOIs received by March 30, 2019 and contact the most compelling of these pre-proposals to fill-in further details before a Board vote to select the final 2021 Annual Meeting organizers on May 12, 2019 (at the 2019 NAMS Annual Meeting coming up in Pittsburgh, PA). Further discussions with proposers for meetings beyond 2021 can occur after this time, as well.

    Send LOIs to Jamie Hestekin, NAMS Secretary (479-575-3419).

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