Papers from the Winter 2003 CEE devoted to Membrane Science and Technology

Membrane Projects with an Industrial Focus in the Curriculum
Stephanie Farrell, Robert P. Hesketh, Mariano J. Savelski, Kevin D. Dahm, and C. Stewart Slater
Department of Chemical Engineering
Rowan University
Glassboro, NJ   08028



The Rowan Junior and Senior engineering clinics give students real-world experience with many projects imported from industry. This paper describes some of the educational objectives of several externally funded projects in the membrane field and how industry is involved in our clinic program. Some of the realistic and challenging experimental projects done in the last several years include: ceramic membrane reactors used in petrochemical processing, electrodialysis and ultrafiltration processes for precious metals separation in the specialty chemicals industry, and membrane separations in food processing. In these process research and development projects, students learn how to function in a team to solve complex problems, interpret and analyze data, utilize modern technologies, understand safety/environmental issues, and communicate their results to various audiences. These membrane projects have helped improve student learning and assessment data, which indicate that the Junior/Senior Clinic projects are a very valuable component of the students' educational experience at Rowan.